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Has this ever happened to you?

Tips over on your routine and there are numerous twists and turns that you feel almost lost. As an easy drive home from work could be disrupted by a car accident which gets you stuck within the traffic for hours. How about intending to get calmed down at the end of your day to learn a novel, simply to be disrupted by way of a baby�s crying? You attempt to obtain a quick something you can eat as well as the phone rings insistently or even an email that pops up within your mobile which will come with the heading �Urgent?� - adventures in asia

You're not alone.

Life�s surprises can pop out, disrupt and frustrate you in any circumstance, even during the simplest of routines.

That perfectly describes my weekend hike to Broga Hill. It�s a favorite hiking spot located in Broga, Semenyih which is about 45 minutes from Kl. The 26 of us in the SG Trekking Group left at 2am from your Woodlands MRT station looking for a sunrise from scenic hike that was termed �Easy� for even beginners.

We cleared both custom checkpoints in Woodlands and Johor in under 30 minutes and I thought that it is going to be considered a smooth and simple accomplishment.

Broga Hill is frequented by casual hikers due to its location on the edge of the Titwangsa Range. It is approximately 400m in altitude and got its name from your local river, which was actually named after the Buragas, a mythical beast that when called the bradenton area home.

The hill is different since it is rather devoid of trees, which is a hard-to-find sight amongst tropical rainforests. Remnants of burnt out tree trunks indicate that the area could have been ravaged by a forest fire and the trees did not regrow. It provides a great take a look at the surrounding area and has become a popular picnic and photography spot.

Broga Hill is mentioned like a place where rebels, who were supported by the British, struggled the Japanese during World War II. Due to this, some claim that town is haunted by those who were massacred through the Imperial Japanese Army. It is possible to understand why this belief has had hold since it is remarkable there are hardly any trees. Traces of your forest fire remain which was so devastating that the forest never grew back.

Nature�s loss is our gain, however, because it's a lovely picnic spot. A straightforward hike plus a beautiful sunrise would be the perfect beginning to the day. We were greeted using a downpour instead.

The rain will need to have started somewhere throughout the long journey when we were sound asleep on the bus. We reached the Broga town limits at 7am, and also the pouring rain, any hope of catching the sunrise soon evaporated.

The carpark on the foot of the hill was crowded with a huge selection of eager hikers all prepared for your hike. There was clearly feeling of disappointment in mid-air. Despite all this, I possibly could still see many people braving the rain, to not be deterred, to keep the hike to accomplish what they came here to savor.

Under the canopy, the upcoming hike didn�t appear to be it would be so hard. What�s just a little rain, in the end? Remember, however, that we now have no trees near the top of the hike, which means that all the rain water must wash down the hill whole time. It was just a little wet along with a little messy, although not too tough when beginning out.

The muddy paths posed a large challenge to all or any hikers less than Twenty or so minutes to the hike.

The chunky mud were stuck within the boots which makes it very heavy for hikers to lift their legs and take the next thing. Hikers were trying their finest to scrap off the mud using their boots with whatever branch or rock they can find. We are able to see some hikers who started your journey together with us, shook their scalp and turned back.

Some have described Broga like a dragon. That might be accurate on a regular day, but today it had been more like a waterslide. You will find three unique climbs that really must be accomplished to experience success and just several small ropes are set up to assist climb the hardest sections.

In the center of a downpour, however, every section gets to be a difficult section. This caused several long waits as everyone needed to make use of the ropes to be able to climb. We did finally reach the first peak after Thirty minutes.

The scene that waited for all of us there may not have access to been a sunrise, nevertheless it was beautiful in its own right. A great moment, there within the haze from the falling rain. It could have whitewashed the lalang fields, but nevertheless wonderful to find out nonetheless.

Even as continued on toward the next peak, the lalang field changed into a set bed of grass as hikers who have been descending from your top were sliding down. Fun on the gorgeous day perhaps, however, this easy terrain turned into a hiker�s nightmare and you will soon view a great deal of people quitting at this point.

I got a great shot on the �untampered� lalang field off the main trek though.

There wasn't any reducing once the final peak is at sight. The road towards the final peak was more forested and there were a few huge rocks to get over. These bankruptcies are not to become messed with on good days, but especially avoid them if you're just start to hike in wet conditions.

Made it to the most notable in 1hrs 42 mins in a so many termed �easy� hike that will take typically An hour.

View near the top of Broga Hill

Coming down wasn't any easy task too. One wrong step would get you about the butt sliding down the slippery and muddy terrain. It would allow you to appear to be you've just emerged from your mud wrestling match!

To exhibit the gravity with this matter, I learned later that 2 female hikers had injured themselves throughout the hike together to be rescued by 6 firemen and 1 ambulance standing by (


What is apparently a normal easy hike turned out to be difficult also to others, each day inside the hospital.

How can you handle life�s little twists and turns? Do you reverse in the first manifestation of obstacle, leaving yourself frustrated and felt that you have travelled 400km for free? Or would you bite your teeth with grittiness and press on?

Meeting new people, helping the other person to beat obstacles, and forging new friendships along the way are a fantastic reward on their own. The chance to see some amazing views is just another reward on top of that!

Life will be inconvenient. Some days may go through perfect and you may get to see an attractive sunrise at the summit. There are days once you will get all wet and muddy. The couch may be bruised.

On this day, on a hill name Broga, I used to be happy to have chosen the next option.

Posing with my hike companions Juliet and Jing Jing on the 2nd peak.

How to Get to Broga Hill?

 You must first arrive at Jalan Semenyih. 333km from Singapore or approximately 4hours drive. If you are taking the journey on your own, then you�ll need to reach Kajang Town.
 Once you reach Kajang Town, you will continue on straight. Proceed through SKVE after which take the exit following your second toll.
 Continue on Kajang Seremban Highway and exit toward Jalan Bangi. Make a right to turn to Jalan Semenyih.
 Continue along Jalan Semenyih before you begin to see the signboard for Broga. Locate a Petronas fueling station that's right complete opposite of a T-junction. Turn left and cotinue on toward Nottingham Campus. It will likely be on your own left.
 As you progress, you may reach a rabbit farm. There you will see the doorway to Broga Hill complete opposite of the farm. There exists a small parking charge. - adventures in asia